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Earth Alliance * Minbari Federation * Centauri Republic * Narn Regime * LoNAW & Others * Campaign units

WARNING: These SCS are a product of my warped imagination and are in no way official. Please do always obtain your opponent's permission before you use them in a game of B5 Wars.

All the SCS on this site are only available in .pdf - format and you will need a copy of Acrobat Reader to view the SCS. You will need at least Acrobat Reader 4.0 - you won't be able to view the SCS using previous versions. If you would like to have a version of a ship in any other graphics - format (like jpeg or gif) just mail me.

Earth Alliance

EA Artemis Laser Frigate

The recent Deneth SOTM and ensuing discussion about assault and medium lasers has got me to finsish this SCS. Replaces all Railguns with Medium Laser Cannons. I'm sure a lot of other people have thought of this before but I've yet to see another SCS.

EA Charon Frigate (ML version)

EA Charon Frigate (HPC version)

These ships are an attempt to introduce a medium ship class into Earthforce that isn't dubbed "police vessel". They are based on a slightly enlarged Tethys class mostly to carry the supplies necessary to keep up with the fleet. They are even more unmanouverable than a Tethys but carry more light weapons. Their main armament is either a hvy. pulse cannon or a medium laser cannon.

EA Hyperion Hvy. Cruiser (Eta model)

This is my original submission for a Hyperion variant in V4. It is designed as an early E/M-War ship (and thus has no hvy. lasers) and was based on the Hecate class but should also have many characteristics of the later Theta model. The main armament consists of med. laser cannons - lots of them.

EA Medusa Battleship

I did this SCS after a debate on the forum. View at your own risk!

EA Olympus Battle Corvette

This SCS was originally designed by Jason after a suggestion by me on the forum and can still be found at his site (see the Links section). Since I now have the tools to create my own pdf-files I put it also up here.

Basically this is an attempt by Earthforce to copy such highly combat-effective craft like the Darkner or the Ka'Toc. These showed that is was possible to mount powerful laser weapons even on HCV hulls. As the aging Olympus Class was slowly phased out of service a couple were used as testbed vessels. These lost their medium pulse cannons and their Railguns. The 2 medium pulse cannons on each side were replaced by Hvy. Lasers in the patented Earth arcs and Standard Particle Beams were placed in the 360° mounts to provide better AA defences. The class-S missile racks were upgraded to the newer class-L ones. It was a very good design but few were ever built and the introduction of the Chronos quickly showed that the Earthforce admirals had other plans for EA's ship development.

EA Olympus Missile Corvette

This variant was inspired by the missile carrying HCVs of other races which Earthforce is sadly lacking. It is also a possible missile platform during the show era. The turret mounted railguns were replaced with 2 SPBs each to decrease this design's vulnerability against fighters.

EA Olympus Patrol Corvette

This design was an attempt to create a dedicated AA platform for Earthforce. All weapons were replaced by SPBs which creates a deadly anti-fighter platform. Even ships are advised to keep their distance - or else.

EA Omega Destroyer (Delta Model)

Another simple weapon swap. Switches the front HPCs for the aft HLs. Now you've got 4 HLs front and 2 HPCs aft to better hurt this pesky aliens at range. Again this was inspired by a recent discussion on the forums.

EA Omega Destroyer (Eta Model)

This is an Omega outfitted with 6 Heavy Bolters. Though some think them outdated they are most assurdly not. Nothing is better to punch through those meager League structure blocks and it fires quicker than a hvy. laser. Also a reactor upgrade enhancement (see the RC for details) is standard on this variant and is already included in the ship cost.

EA Omega Advanced Destroyer

This ship is an attempt to incorporate the lessons learned in the Shadow and Earth Civil war into the workhorse of the EA fleet, the Omega Destroyer. Many of the changes or rather small improvements, designed to further increase the stability of the design. Many of the Omegas were refitted before the outbreak of the Drakh war, where the added staying power was greatly appreciated.

EA Oracle Attack Cruiser

This is my take on an EA light cruiser design. Its armament is based on the upgrades of the Hyperion versions (from Alpha through Hecate to Theta) and I tried to make a similar upgrade based on the Scout and Export versions of the Oracle. The resulting design is an attack ship as its rear armament is weak for a EA vessel. It also needs fighter support as it hasn't an organic fighter compliment but it is very manouverable (for a EA CapShip anyway). The main weapons are 2 hvy. laser cannons and 1 hvy. pulse cannon.

EA Oracle Minesweeper

Just what the EA needs. A reasonable minesweeper armed with older (but still excellent vs. mines) particle cannons to get rid of these pesky mines that tend to infest your invasion corridors. However nobody promised that its sensor suite would be very good at that but hey, nobody is perfect.

Just click on this link to download a zip-file of the ships.

Minbari Federation

Minbari Tarath Minesweeper

This Torotha variant is like all Minbari units very good at its job. Its weapons however are a bit too short-ranged to be safe from return-fire from DEW mines while it clears minefields.

Minbari Toravi Patrol Frigate

This Torotha variant sacrifices its anti-ship armament for extra fusion cannons therefore increasing its AA capabilities. It is ideally used to accompany Torotha frigates on the approach to an hostile planet though it is also used during anti-piracy actions.

Minbari Toron Assault Frigate

This Torotha upgrade makes use of the newly developed Molecular Pulsar which replaces the older Molecular Disruptor. It has now a far more versatile armament allowing it to deal with enemy ships and fighters more easily.

Centauri Republic

Centauri Primus (Mass Driver version)
Centauri Secundus (Mass Driver version)
Centauri Octurion (Mass Driver version)

These are the Centauri ships described in the RC refitted for planetary bombardment.

Centauri Alarius Patrol Carrier

A design for Emperor Turban. An Altarian variant which looses its MCs but can carry 12 medium fighters.

Centauri Ballist O-Sat

A design for Laurent Dutertre. Replaces the battle lasers with ballistic torpedoes.

Centauri Davan Support Frigate

A nice Darkner variant for some Houses that need cheap long-range fire support. 4 Assault Laser provide just that. Like its cousin the Darkner it is still vulnerable to fighter attacks but at least all of its weapons have the same (quite long) range.

Centauri/Drakh Demat Raider

This ship is my attempt to create some rules for the Drakh-enhanced Demos that were used to disrupt the LoNAW's shipping lanes. These AI-controlled units have the following advantages and disadvantages:

* Because of the computer-control these ships are always assumed to have rolled an "11" for initiative purposes (you still get to add their in-built bonus). Reduce that number by one for each box of damage C&C has suffered (in addition to any normal criticals).

* The AI system cares nothing for its own survival. These ships may always ram.

* These ships have orders to leave no evidence behind and are always prepared to fight to the bitter end. They may not retreat or break off the engagement as long as there are enemy units left.

* Because there is no crew onboard the ships may perform high-g manouvers which would be harmful for living beings. Reduce accel/decel cost by 1 and turn delay by one level (changes are already incorporated on the SCS).

* All of the living space of the crew has been removed and mostly armor has been added instead. Though the Drakh dared not to install Advanced Armor it is still very formidable for a ship of its class. The performance of weapons and primary systems have also been slightly twealed (changes are already incorporated on the SCS).

* And last but not least boarding. Attempts to board such vessel follow the same rules as boarding computer-controlled OSATs.

Centauri Molanti Battle Frigate

This Mograth variant was first deployed along the Abbai border and was greatly influenced by the Abbai Tiraca. The main weapon is a battle laser while two additional assault laser complement its firepower. It is also used on convoy duty where its armament outranges that of most raiders allowing it to pommel them at will.

Centauri Optimus Attack Cruiser (Centurion Variant) 2202 version

Centauri Optimus Attack Cruiser (Centurion Variant) 2258 version

This variant enhances the close range punch of the Centurion while deleting most of its ranged combat capabilities. It was also refitted with additional Twin Arrays to increase its protection against fighters. It was primarily used as a command ship for the infamous Centauri HCV wolfpacks where the enhanced AA capabilities came in handy. The 2258 version was designed to augment the capabilites of the new Demos class and sports BTLs.

Primar Command Cruiser (BL version)

Primar Command Cruiser (MC version)

These ships are the original designs before they were changed into the V4 version. Although the 6 BL version was called very munchy on the V4 group it still is tame besides the printed version. It was re-designed into the MC version which was at least accepted by most.

Centauri Q-ship

This Lias variant was first employed in the Centauri-Narn war. In the first stages of the war as the Narn fleets cut deep in Centauri territory they were used to guard convoys against Raiders to free up more combat-worthy hulls. It was soon discovered that they had a serious close range punch but very virtually defenseless at greater ranges. After the Raiders discovered that loss rates began to climb and all the ships were nearly scrapped. A relativly simple solution was found however. An extremly simplified version of the CSS system was installed allowing the ship to impersonate a limited number of hulls (i.e. freighters only in game terms). With this addition the ships were highly successful and in the later stages of the war they were used together with Dargan strike cruisers to disrupt Narn supply lines.

The class was not designed to take on major warships and if a ship encounters one flight, not fight, is the best option. It can take out a smaller patrol vessel and armed freighters with ease but in a serious engagement it will show that it is basically an upgraded freighter. Especially the front reactor system is highly vulnerable (uses the same rules as the one on the Gaim Moor Torpedo Destroyer - can be found in SOTF) but the Centauri engineers couldn't fit all the upgraded EW equipment, the CSS system and a reactor big enough to handle the strain of the weapons system into the primary hull. It should also be added that it is highly unmanouverable compared to warships but at least the jump engine was brought up to military standards.

Centauri Sakar Fleet Carrier (Upgraded)

Yet another design for Emperor Turban. An upgraded version of the fleet carrier from the WOTCR playtest-pack. Can carry 48 fighters.

Centauri Sinus Escort Boat

Emperor Turban has tricked me into another Fanhead design. A Haven which replaces its MC with a twin array in a better arc.

Centauri Trinarius Strike Carrier

Another design for Emperor Turban. A Centurion carrier which retains 2 Battle Lasers but can carry 18 fighters.

Centauri Vasal Destroyer

Another design for Emperor Turban. An Altarian variant which trades 3 MCs for 2 HAs.

Centauri Vorchat Warship

This Vorchan variant is a testbed for the new HAs before they were mounted onto the new Demos class. Ships of this class performed as advertised during border clashes and in-house differences and the Demos class received this new technology instead of older, more reliable systems. Originally it was planned that all Vorchans receive this upgrade but in the face of the court's decision to frown upon the HAs (and the people who produced them) these plans were dropped. During the recent wars against the LoNAW powers most of those built were destroyed and only a handful remain.

Centauri Centaurum Battleship

Centauri Kendari Fleet Scout

Centauri Optine Battlecruiser

Centauri Talvan Attack Cruiser

After their successful campaign against the Narn and increasing tensions with the League races the Centauri decided to keep the re-activatet old hulls in service and to modernize them thoroughly since that was way cheaper than to build new hulls. Though they were not quite up to modern standards they were still a match for most League cruisers. During the refit most of the problems that plagued these ships during the War of Retribution could be solved.

Narn Regime

Narn Bin'Tar Dreadnought

A design for Laurent Dutertre. This common Bin'Tak variant replaces both energy mines with ion torpedoes.

Narn Da'Quan Heavy Frigate

WARNING! This ship isn't real, it is just a nightmare. After one gaming session we sat down and discussed what other nasty ships and variants the Narn could build (aside from those in S5). This is the product. We think it is a perfect candidate for a SOTF (I think you can even guess for which one).

Narn G'qual Hvy. Cruiser

A design for Laurent Dutertre. This common G'Quan variant replaces both energy mines with ion torpedoes.

Narn G'Var Minesweeper

This Arcismus variant is the (some think rather feeble) Narn response to the Centauri mine threat. It isn't a great minesweeper but then it doesn't need to be. Although it is more than capable to defuse smaller minefields on its own its primary mission is a different one. According to Narn doctrine it should accompany the battlefleet on its attack against a fortified Centauri system and use its multitude of minesweeping shuttles to find a weak spot in the minefield which the fleet could exploit. The outer cargo holds were converted to hold 6 additional shuttles each enabling it to carry 16 minesweeper shuttles while its weaponry was also beefed up to destroy any detected mines.

Narn T'Gal O-Sat

A design for Laurent Dutertre. Replaces the energy mine with a pulsar mine.

LoNAW & Others

Alacan Abinti Exploration Cruiser

It's Alacan, it has a jump drive and it is an ELINT ship. What more can you ask for?

Brakiri Salvage Carrier

A design by Nomad Prime. A Tor-Sikar LogTech unit with tractor beams. NOTE: This file is currently not available online. If you want it please contact me via e-mail.

Civilian Missile Freighter

This is the first of a series of Civilian conversions. All these ships represent hastily armed Civvie vessels for occassions like the Battle of the Line. They won't represent a REAL threat to any warship and usually can be quickly destroyed. It should be counted a success if the ship can flush its missile racks.
This ship introduces a new weapon system the Class-SS  (single shot) missile rack. They carry only 1 missile each and have no fire control modificators though the missiles will still benefit from their built-in 3 OEW bonus. You cannot load any special missiles into a Class-SS rack but there is also no chance of a magazine critical. The launch range is 15 hexes.

Civilian Armed Tanker

Another Civvie conversion this vessel carries more tradtional weaponry. Older weapon system not longer used on the major warships were grafted on a tanker hull. Additionally a second reactor was installed on the aft section to provide more power for the weapons though it still can't power all its weapons. Regardless which reactor (the primary or the aft one) is destroyed it will blow up the entire ship.

Descari Scorita Battlecruiser

This ship is more of a what-if design, in this case what if the Descari got hold of a G'Quan Cruiser and reverse-engineered the hull like they did with the T'Loth class.

Descari Scoriva Cruiser

The Descari have this very nice Dual Plasma Cannon on one of their OSATs but on no ship. So here is a SCS to correct that oversight.

Dilgar Ni'Tratha-D Command Cruiser

As the Leskrati-class suffered heavy losses during the Dilgar war the Dilgar fleet needed as many jump-capable command ships as possible. So ships of the Ni'Tratha class were thoroughly modernized and sent to the front-lines. Despite its age they performed relativly well and were used up to the Battle of Omelos. Though they lacking scatter-pulsars the ship has quite a few light bolters to defend itself against fighter attacks.

Gaim Raman Destroyer
Gaim Torsa Attack Carrier

I know, I know, not MORE Gaim units. After S6 and the bonus material probably many people have a Gaim overdose, but at least there is a better justification for them than many other Gaim hulls. The Gaim have the finest (and very expendable) marines in the (known) galaxy and tons of equally expendable breaching pods while the thing they don't have is hulls. So it is only logically for them to try to capture or salvage as many ships as possible during the Great Conquest March. So here are some conversions of former Descari units.

Markab Martoba Patrol Cutter (Post-DW version)
Markab Romak Escort Frigate (Post-DW version)
Markab Shafab Heavy Cruiser (Post-DW version)
Markab Talafat Scout (Post-DW version)

This is my first project after I could lay my hands on the SOTF 2 CD. Many people would like to see modern Markab so here I tried to create possible upgrades to their ships. I figured that after they won the war they'd be in a state of euphoria. After all, the Dilgar were beaten, they had new friends in the EA and the LoNAW was more united than ever. From their allies they could easily gain pulse technology but other than that there won't be many changes. The existing designs had proven their worth and despite all their shortcomings they were sure that the Gods were on their side and that was much more important than such mundane things as better armor on their ships. So the lessons learned during the war were mostly forgotten afterwards though most of the ships gained some improvement in one form or another.

Raider Assault Carrier

A design submitted for V4. A Sloop with crappling claws made it into the product on grounds that a Strike Carrier is too large to successfully use them. Since most freighters have negative initiative modifier I can see them easily get boarded and which raider in his right mind wants to board a warship anyway?

Thirdspace Alien Fighter

Since it was discussed on the forums here is my version for it. The special rules needed are as follows:
The Phase Shield has a maximum capacity noted on the SCS. Each turn it can also regenerate a number of points (noted on the generator). For every 4 points of extra power applied to the generator it can regenerate an additional 10 points.
Critical Hits:
1-12: no critical
13-18: regeneration rate halved
19-24: capacity halved
25+: both

Torata Gerion Fleet Carrier

A design for Venlesh. Provides the Torata a carrier for their awesome fighters though it has a few problems.

Vorlon Escort Dreadnought

Have you always felt that the Vorlons can't get rid fast enough of these pesky strike fighters? Did you always feel that they should be removed from play as fast as possible though they won't even scratch your advanced armor but harrass your other ships? But of course the vessel should still be able to blow up entire enemy ships. Well, here is the perfect solution for you - the Vorlon DNE. It trades half of its LCs for 3 Discharge Guns with better arcs and even the weak aft armor was improved. You won't find a better solution for your fighter problems this side of the Rim.

Campaign units

Centauri Small Base
EA Small Base
Minbari Small Base
Narn Small Base

These are modified Civilian Small Bases armed with race-specific weaponry.

Centauri Fighter Production Facility
EA Fighter Production Facility
Minbari Fighter Production Facility
Narn Fighter Production Facility

These are orbital fighter production facilities armed with race-specific weaponry. They should double the maximal amount of fighter production on a planet/base in any given turn.

Centauri Fighter Hangar Facility
EA Fighter Hangar Facility
Minbari Fighter Hangar Facility
Narn Fighter Hangar Facility

These are orbital fighter hangar facilities armed with race-specific weaponry. Especially important for the EA but anyone can park his fighters in orbit.

Centauri Capital Shipyard
EA Capital Shipyard
Minbari Capital Shipyard
Narn Capital Shipyard

These shipyards are based on the SOTM and are customized with race-specific weapons.

Centauri HCV Yard
Minbari HCV Yard
Narn HCV Yard

These shipyards are smaller and less powerful versions of the Capital Shipyards.

Centauri MCV Yard
Minbari MCV Yard
Narn MCV Yard

These shipyards are smallest of their kind but like the others they are vitally important during a campaing.

EA Medium Base

Based on the TFS Freedom Station this is a smallish base akin to the Marcanos.

Minbari Nergell Guardpost (modified)

Original design by Koumdros. This version gets rid of its Molecular Torpedoe and Pulsars and replaces them with a Neutron Laser, Fusion Cannons and cargo space. The small (and not expensive) base the Minbari always wanted to have.

Generic Spypost

Another design by Nomad Prime. The name says it all.
NOTE: This file is currently not available online. If you want it please contact me via e-mail.

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